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Etna (Mungibeddu or simply 'a Muntagna in Sicilian) is an active volcano located on the east coast of Sicily, between Catania and Messina. It is the highest active volcano on the European continent [2] and one of the largest in the world. Its height varies over time because of its eruptions, but is currently around 3,340 m.  above sea level, and its diameter is about 45 km. It was once known as Mongibello. It is crossed by the meridian 15 °est. The Etna name could date back to the pronunciation of ancient greek [3] of the name Aitna (Aἴτνα-ας), a name that was also attributed to the city of Catania and Inessa, which derives from the Greek word aith (burn ) or the Phoenician word Attana. Etna was known in the Roman as Aetna. The Arabs called the mountain Jabal al-burkan or Jabal Atma Ṣiqilliyya ("volcano" or "mountain sum of Sicily");  this name was later changed into Mons Gibel namely: the mountain twice (from the Latin mons "hill" and by 'Jebel Arab "mountain") just to indicate its majesty. And the term Mongibello was commonly used almost from the very recently (some old calls still the Etna in this way). According another theory the name Mongibello comes from Mulciber (ignem mulcet here), one of the epithets with which he was called, from Latin, the god Vulcan, which served to calm the destructive force of Etna. In the jargon of the people etnee, they use to call Etna simply 'a muntagna, meaning mountain par excellence, and the remaining territory Etna with the generic indication of Chiana; tangible evidence of continuity with the Arabic etymology.
Today the name Mongibello indicates the top of Etna; the central area of the two craters, the craters at the southeast and northeast

The regular eruptions of the mountain, often dramatic, made it a subject of great interest in classical mythology and folk beliefs, was in fact tried to explain the behavior of the volcano through a variety of gods and giants of Roman and Greek legend.




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